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S T Y L E | It's Your Story!

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Vintage Bohemian Gal...

Some of us gals just can’t help being stuck in the #style-era of #Vintage and #Bohemian. For me, I highly connect with styles of old. The simple fact, when style took more effort and thought! Back in the days of modesty, when women didn’t show everything! Where there was a sense of consideration for being sexy, but yet still done tastefully.

The time when #Fashion & #Glamour was viewed by the silhouette of one’s garment, accompanied by the character of the lady who wore it. She was truly, the canvas form.

Today style is labeled by name brands, what reveals the most, who shines the brightest! It’s all centered on sex appeal. But what happened to clean lines, flowing fabrics that fell on them so gently. Now, don’t get me wrong! There are still a few brands that take me into this era which I love so dear. When a gal, discovers such a brand I have to follow just to see what tokens of inspirations they'll envision next. Oh, you may have just gone into a state of confusion as to what kind of brands we're speaking of. I'm talking about your Minimalist, Over accessorized, Flowing Fabrics, Consistent designs, Solid Color Palettes and more! You know those brands who are diamonds in the rough #andrealyamah #spellandthegypsy #ulyanaaster or classic iconic designers like #verawang #oscardelarenta #carolinaherrera #rachelzoe #cocochanel #victoriabeckham #donnakaran #michealkors #dianevonfurstenberg and more. I know you guys could add so many others to this list, but this post would become enlist.

So, that brings me to You! What kind of designer do you want to be and what footprint you want to leave behind. I truly, hope that your answer would be simply YOU. Your style is unique and gives its own spin. Create designs that when someone looks at it, they say that's So & So. No doubt! Let your creations be that of simple and clean lines all the way to fun and dramatic. Be You... everyone's watching!


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